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For Heaven's Snakes

Strong & Bold Publishing has released a new publication for children and the young at heart entitled “For Heaven’s Snakes”. Written by Macclesfield poet and writer, Will McClean and illustrated by Barney Lewis, it tells the story of a day and a night in the life of Lenny the talent scout as he tours the outback of Queensland to find musical talent to make rich and famous. Lenny dreams he has found an amazing singing duo in the hot, dry outback of Queensland. But then he wakes up to discover that his dream was really true! However he is disappointed when the amazing couple tell him that they are not interested in being rich and famous. The reasons they give reflect a point of view that is foreign to Lenny, but he respects them all the same. Will McLean lives in Macclesfield, South Australia and Barney Lewis, lives on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Suitable for all ages but especially for children aged 5 to 10.  This book has an unusual message that some people may find disconcerting!

Now available to buy as an ebook suitable for ipad, tablet or PC at  for $4.99.

Published August 27, 2017