Doug Wiggins


‘Branscombe’ is the first in a series of detective novels covering the adventures of retired Det. Sgt. John Branscombe. This first story is based in South Australia at the former police training centre of Fort Largs. It covers Branscombe’s involvement in the denouement of a corrupt police officer. However the entertainment value of the story lies in the relationships that Branscombe has with police officers and ex-partners, marital and otherwise.

Of particular interest is the relationship he stumbles into with a lesbian couple which leads him into a surprising situation. The story is tinged with humour and pathos and evolves quickly and effectively in many short chapters. (110 pages). $5.90. Now also available from Amazon as a paperback from




Category Fiction
Number of Pages 110
Price $3.00
ISBN 978-0-9923979-3-7
Available Formats mobi, and epub
Cover Designer Blake Lewis

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