Corroboree To The Sun

Ian Mudie

Edited By Brian Lewis

Corroboree To The Sun

The poems that have been selected for this publication are representative of the main themes running through Ian Mudie’s poetry: viz: respect for and knowledge of the natural environment; respect for and understanding of the aboriginal peoples; pride in the Australian nation; and acknowledgement of the Australian character. However I have also included some whimsical poems that probably do not fit any of these themes. They are just so delightfully Mudie that I could not leave them out. (11 000 words).

Welcome to the work of Ian Mudie. A man well ahead of his time who produced a body of work that deserves to be kept alive. Pdf, kindle and epub versions are available from checkout for a combined price of $12.99.

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Poet and writer (deceased)



Category Australian Poetry
Number of Pages 67
Price $12.99
ISBN 978-0-9923979-2-0
Available Formats pdf, epub, and mobi
Edited by Brian Lewis
With an Introduction by David George Mack
Cover Designer Brian Lewis

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