Jesus the Refugee

Thai-Nguyen Dang

Jesus the Refugee

A guide to the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus.The purpose of the book is to help the younger generation to understand and accept Christianity. Please note that the word “accept” does not mean following, worshiping or even repenting to Jesus and God. There are a few dozen major Christian denominations in the world at the moment. Each has its own unique style from worshiping to recruiting new members. If you are not a Christian, this book will help you to enter the Christian world with a confident mind-and-heart. The new you and Christian world will have a better chance to live happily together in peace. If you are already a Christian, this book will point out a few facts and lessons that you might have missed while reading your fine-printed thick Holy Bible.

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Number of Pages 284
ISBN 978-0-6487095-3-4