The Ring

Herb Hamlet

Edited By Brian Lewis

The Ring

“The Ring” is an historical novel that follows the journey of a beautiful engagement ring from colonial Australia to South Africa, China, Japan and Borneo before arriving back in Australia 87 years later. The story is divided into five Books and encompasses the lives that were touched by the Ring before, during and after three major world conflicts, the Boer War, the Japanese invasion of China and World War 2.  This book will be enjoyed by most readers with an interest in world affairs and particularly the heroism of Australian soldiers during the Siege of Tobruk and in the Japanese POW camp at Sandakan. But more than that, it also gives the reader a fascinating glimpse into the treatment of the Afrikaner women and children by the British military during the latter part of the Boer War; and early on in the story an account of the life of Captain Thunderbolt, a real life Australian bushranger and highwayman. This is a well-researched book by the author of “Bluey’s War” with plenty of action based around actual events. 313 pages. Now available from Amazon as a paperback at



Category Historical fiction
Number of Pages 313
Price $9.99
ISBN 9780995449367
Available Formats epub, and mobi
Edited by Brian Lewis
Cover Designer Jamie Ryan

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