STRONG & BOLD PUBLISHING (a division of Strong & Bold Pty Ltd of Macclesfield, South Australia) is an independent on-line publisher of e-books specialising in Australian writers,  Australian history and Australian poetry.


  • To promote new Australian authors by facilitating electronic publication of their work.
  • To promote “out of print” work by significant Australian authors by making it available in e-book form.
  • To provide prompt e-coverage of new Australian writing.
  • To promote Australian history and poetry.
  • To be commercially viable.


All prices listed on this website are in Australian dollars.


Strong & Bold Publishing is a small independent publisher specialising in digital publishing of works by Australian writers, past and present.

Digital publishing allows world-wide sale and distribution over the internet in a form suitable for e-readers, tablets and PC’s.

We commenced operation in 2014 and are slowly but surely developing our catalogue in the following categories:

Australian Poetry
Children’s Stories

Local History

We encourage new writers to produce material that is entertaining, informative and inspirational.

With no up-front charge we provide the following support to those writers who agree to allow us to publish and distribute their work:

  • Preliminary review and advice on manuscript;
  • Copy editing of manuscript;
  • Cover page design;
  • ISBN;
  • Preparation of epub, mobi and pdf files;
  • Direct sale from our website and in selected cases indirectly via Amazon and Kobo e-book stores;
  • Sales reports at 3 monthly intervals;
  • Payment of royalties at 3 monthly intervals based on 50% of the sales receipts during the report period.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and very often that story has been ‘lying in wait’ so to speak. Sometimes ‘it’ becomes impatient to get out and the author/owner needs encouragement to take on the new challenge of writing a book.

Then once the book has been written there is the onerous task of finding a publisher to take it on.

Warning! Self-publishing is not recommended for the creative writer. Not only does it detract from the creative process but e-publishing is a technically specialised process, and that once published, the successful distribution and marketing of an e-book requires much time and effort that is best left to the specialist.

If you are an aspiring writer and have a story to tell then you have an opportunity to profit from your life’s experience by letting Strong & Bold publish your manuscript as an e-book on the world-wide web.


Enquiries from new authors or others wishing to be published can be sent to Provide full contact details and a sample of your work. If we wish to proceed we will send you a copy of our standard agreement for your perusal. Following agreement on the terms and conditions of publication there will normally be a preparation time of 2-4 weeks after receipt of your material before a draft format is available for your comment and approval. Shortly after your approval of the draft your work will be available for purchase and download from this website.


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We also welcome your feedback on all matters pertaining to this website including suggestions about how to improve our products or our service.