An AGREEMENT between Strong & Bold Publishing, (hereinafter referred to as the Publisher) and each and every Contributor to Writers’ Block (hereinafter referred to as the Contributor) to allow the free publication on the Publisher’s web site of any and all contributions (hereinafter referred to as the Works) that the Contributor submits to the Publisher for approval and to set out the terms and conditions of such Agreement.
The Contributor certifies that:
1. The Contributor wholly owns the copyright in the Works.
2. The Contributor is legally entitled to license the copyright in the Works.
3. The Works does not contravene any Australian law.
4. The Works does not defame any real person now living; or any real company or incorporated body now in existence.
And accordingly it is agreed as follows:
1. The Contributor hereby allows the Publisher to publish the Works in electronic format on the Publisher’s web site at Writers’ Block (i.e. not in a printed form but in electronic form suitable for reading on a computer, i-pad or tablet or similar electronic equipment).
2. The Contributor will transfer the Works to Writers’ Block as a Plain Text file and use the Publisher’s Editor program to create the finished Works and submit for approval.
3. The Publisher will vet and may edit the Works and during vetting the Works will remain unpublished as “awaiting approval”. If approved the Works will be published on Writers’ Block. If not approved the Works will remain unpublished as “not approved”. No reason will be given for non-approval or for any editing and no discussion will be entertained. The Contributor may edit the Works at any time and re-submit to the Publisher for approval.
4. The Publisher shall not sell the Works but may promote the Works and use the name of the Contributor and/or the name of the author of the Works (where the Contributor is not the author) as the Publisher sees fit.
5. The Contributor will receive no payment of any kind from the Publisher for publication of the Works on Writers’ Block.
6. In the event that the Contributor subsequently publishes the Works for sale the Contributor shall acknowledge prior publication on Writers’ Block.
7. The Contributor absolves the Publisher of any legal liability whatsoever that may arise from publication of the Works and warrants that the Works does not infringe any other copyright or other legal agreement or undertaking, whether verbal or written between the Contributor and any other person or legal entity.
8. This Agreement is an exclusive agreement between the Publisher and the Contributor.
9. The term of this Agreement is 12 months from the date of the Agreement.
10. On the expiration of the term of this Agreement, and each extension thereof, it shall be automatically extended and renewed for a further 12 months unless terminated by advice via email from either party.
11. Following termination of this Agreement all Works submitted by the Contributor shall be deleted from Writers’ Block.