Lonely in Littelhaven

Neil Holdsworth

“Lonely in Littelhaven” is a memoir by Neil Holdsworth of the time he spent working in Michigan in 1962-63. So it has an interesting historical perspective; but also a cultural perspective arising from his background growing up in England and in Australia and the new world in which he suddenly finds himself. The Chevy 210 makes a big impression on him; as do many of the characters that he meets. The book also has a sub-theme that reflects on the contribution of immigrants from Europe to the American way of life. The characters he meets provide an interesting contrast to the young man’s morality but at the end of the day this memoir probably tells us more about the narrator than any of the characters he describes.

This book provides light entertainment for readers of any age with the occasional insight into the attitudes (and prices) of the 1960’s, and some reminders of the main political events of those times.

640 Acres To Play!

James Oswald Chant

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ThIs is a delightful story of Australian rural life in the early twentieth century. It provides a fascinating insight of what it must have been like to grow up in the days when Australia and its people were rising from their pioneer origins into the nation the land is today.

James Chant endured a bout with polio at the age of six years which affected his life to an enormous degree. He was afflicted severely by this disease which left him weak in his muscles, but he never asked to be treated differently from others. Because of it his life was a long series of set backs and falls by the dozen, resulting in arm fractures, toe fractures, rib fractures, knee-cap fractures, and leg fractures! Even so he insisted that his life was good, interesting, rewarding and, by the forgiving grace of God, reasonably comfortable and successful.



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MAKING BIOCHAR – With Technical Manual

Brian Lewis

“Making Biochar – With Technical Manual” was written by Brian Lewis based on the experience gained from 5 years of developing and trialling 3 different styles of biochar kilns in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia.

The book provides a good introduction to biochar basics, distinguishes between the different types of kilns that can be used and provides detailed and practical instructions on the operation of a retort style biochar kiln together with a chapter on the economics of making and selling biochar.
Detailed drawings of two types of kiln, the retort style and the gasifier style, are included as a resource on the publisher's website.

A case study on using a retort kiln by a commercial winery is included. And a description of a Do-It-Yourself gasifier kiln is also included.

This book will be of interest to all biochar enthusiasts, small landowners, horticulturalists and anyone else interested in the improvement of soils by the addition of carbon and the potential for a biochar industry to contribute to the supply of carbon credits.

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An Account of the Colony of South Australia

Frederick Sinnett

First printed in 1862 for the London Exhibition the Account is effectively South Australia’s first year book and documents and describes some amazing achievements, some severe obstacles and some remarkable discoveries over the 26 years since settlement in 1836. In addition it is written fluently and critically by a quite young private citizen named Frederick Sinnett with the endorsement of the Government of the colony at that time. (158 pages). $9.99


Browse opening pages up to and including chapter 1.


A Short History of Marker’s Barn

Brian Lewis

Marker’s Barn is an outstanding surviving example of a mid-19th century wheelwright’s shop which demonstrates German design characteristics and typical use of local materials, and the typical way of life of the Macclesfield pioneers, the early need for wheelwrights, and the fact that several German "pioneer" settlers also settled in Macclesfield and established businesses here. It also has important associations with the early development and cultural diversity of Macclesfield, one of South Australia’s most significant early rural towns. (2 000 words)

Macclesfield Collections – Vol. 1

Brian Lewis

The poems are modern, relevant, sometimes amusing, sometimes nostalgic, but always sincere. Eminently readable they lack the forced cleverness of some modern poetry and just aim to tell a story with poetic simplicity and compassion. This volume will appeal to most thinking people, young or old. It may occasionally “ruffle some feathers” but after all that is what we expect from good poetry. It would be interesting to know the reaction of the Adelaide City Council to the three poems about Bonython Park. (6 000 words). CLICK ON IMAGE FOR DETAILS.


After the Cricket