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Jesus the Refugee

Thai-Nguyen Dang

Jesus the Refugee

A guide to the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus.The purpose of the book is to help the younger generation to understand and accept Christianity. Please note that the word “accept” does not mean following, worshiping or even repenting to Jesus and God. There are a few dozen major Christian denominations in the world at the moment. Each has its own unique style from worshiping to recruiting new members. If you are not a Christian, this book will help you to enter the Christian world with a confident mind-and-heart. The new you and Christian world will have a better chance to live happily together in peace. If you are already a Christian, this book will point out a few facts and lessons that you might have missed while reading your fine-printed thick Holy Bible.

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Lonely in Littelhaven

Neil Holdsworth

Lonely in Littelhaven

“Lonely in Littelhaven” by Neil Holdsworth takes us back to the early 1960’s in North America as experienced by an Australian “innocent abroad”. The narrator is a mild-mannered, love-struck young man who meets some interesting characters during his 5 month stint in a small mid-western American town. The characters he meets provide an interesting contrast to the young man’s morality but at the end of the day this memoir probably tells us more about the narrator than any of the characters he describes.

It is essentially a love story and the means by which love can be maintained, even enhanced, despite separation. However the author interweaves his personal story with fictional "portraits" depicting the part that European refugees played in moulding the American character and culture inspired by the characters he has met and admired.

This book provides light entertainment for readers of any age with the occasional insight into the attitudes (and prices) of the 1960’s, and some reminders of the main political events of those times. It may even inspire those couples who find themselves apart to stay true to their belief in each other through life’s many distractions.




This collection of poems from Maurie O’Brien contains many fine tributes to Australia’s veterans and pioneers together with many humorous poetic anecdotes.

The collection will surely appeal to all those who respect and value the sacrifices made by Australians during the conflicts of World War I and II, whether at the front, behind the lines or at home.

There is some wonderful imagery and poignant poetry in the Anzac poems. There are words here to stir the soul and at times make the skin creep.

Maurie O’Brien is one of Australia’s most accomplished and respected bush poets and I am honoured to bring this collection to you.

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Ann Lehtmets


The story of Ann Lehtmets:

This is an amazing true story of survival against all odds. A book that everyone should read. It is a reminder of the depths to which society can sink under authoritarian rule. It is also a reminder of the capacity of the human spirit to endure and overcome hardship, cruelty and extreme privation over many years and yet to emerge intact and rejoin society and family.

Strong & Bold Publishing is proud to bring you this first edition of Sentence: Siberia as an e-book of 144,000 words and 404 pages.

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MAKING BIOCHAR – With Technical Manual

Brian Lewis

MAKING BIOCHAR – With Technical Manual

“Making Biochar – With Technical Manual” was written by Brian Lewis based on the experience gained from 5 years of developing and trialling 3 different styles of biochar kilns in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia.

The book provides a good introduction to biochar basics, distinguishes between the different types of kilns that can be used and provides detailed and practical instructions on the operation of a retort style biochar kiln together with a chapter on the economics of making and selling biochar.
Detailed drawings of two types of kiln, the retort style and the gasifier style, are included as a resource on the publisher's website.

A case study on using a retort kiln by a commercial winery is included. And a description of a Do-It-Yourself gasifier kiln is also included.

This book will be of interest to all biochar enthusiasts, small landowners, horticulturalists and anyone else interested in the improvement of soils by the addition of carbon and the potential for a biochar industry to contribute to the supply of carbon credits.

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