Lonely in Littelhaven

Neil Holdsworth

Lonely in Littelhaven

“Lonely in Littelhaven” by Neil Holdsworth takes us back to the early 1960’s in North America as experienced by an Australian “innocent abroad”. The narrator is a mild-mannered, love-struck young man who meets some interesting characters during his 5 month stint in a small mid-western American town. The characters he meets provide an interesting contrast to the young man’s morality but at the end of the day this memoir probably tells us more about the narrator than any of the characters he describes.

It is essentially a love story and the means by which love can be maintained, even enhanced, despite separation. However the author interweaves his personal story with fictional "portraits" depicting the part that European refugees played in moulding the American character and culture inspired by the characters he has met and admired.

This book provides light entertainment for readers of any age with the occasional insight into the attitudes (and prices) of the 1960’s, and some reminders of the main political events of those times. It may even inspire those couples who find themselves apart to stay true to their belief in each other through life’s many distractions.

Neil Holdsworth was born in England and emigrated with his family to South Australia as a boy. He completed a degree in electronic engineering at the University of Adelaide in 1961, worked briefly at the Weapons Research Establishment on the Blue Streak project and then travelled overseas to work in Canada and North America. He returned to Australia and worked in several engineering positions in the telecommunications and power industries before founding his own company specialising in electronic instrumentation. In that role he travelled extensively in Australia and overseas. He is married, has two sons and is now retired.



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