Kerry Rochford

Beach dweller, artist, gardener and lover of reading and writing. Living a full life raising four of our grandchildren whilst juggling my love of all things art and literature. Avid book collector and lover of the smell and feel of old worn and loved books. Favourite quote: "Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river." Virginia Woolf.

Writings By Kerry Rochford


Friendships, a tangled ball of textures. Wool for the cosy ones that will warm you and cocoon in the winter moments of life. Linen for the durable ones, despite wrinkles and fading beauty they soften with age. Cotton for the simple ones, summer friendships and splashes of colour thrown in the air and landing in…

The Dictator

Time you are a fickle master. Waiting, you slow down. The hands on your army of clocks Move at your command, In half time. When dread for an impending Event is detected, you clap Your hands and speed up. You command and demand attention. Every day, pushing me to obey, Stealing precious hours from The…