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Friendships, a tangled ball of textures.
Wool for the cosy ones that will warm you and cocoon in the winter moments of life.
Linen for the durable ones, despite wrinkles and fading beauty they soften with age.
Cotton for the simple ones, summer friendships and splashes of colour thrown in the air and landing in petals of laughter.
Silk for the fragile friendships, lured by vivid colours and seductive movement only to find them unravelling quickly into a tangle of loose threads.
And there, just visible in this tangled ball are the most precious ones of all.
Common everyday elastic, outshone by others form and colour, they endure.
Stretching out over the years and decades, they are always there to snap us back to our true selves. Mirrors for our dreams, checks for our compasses, these are the friendships to cultivate.

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