640 Acres To Play!

James Oswald Chant

640 Acres To Play!

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ThIs is a delightful story of Australian rural life in the early twentieth century. It provides a fascinating insight of what it must have been like to grow up in the days when Australia and its people were rising from their pioneer origins into the nation the land is today.

James Chant endured a bout with polio at the age of six years which affected his life to an enormous degree. He was afflicted severely by this disease which left him weak in his muscles, but he never asked to be treated differently from others. Because of it his life was a long series of set backs and falls by the dozen, resulting in arm fractures, toe fractures, rib fractures, knee-cap fractures, and leg fractures! Even so he insisted that his life was good, interesting, rewarding and, by the forgiving grace of God, reasonably comfortable and successful.





Category Memoir
Number of Pages 164
Cover Designer Jamie Ryan

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