Covid Composite – A Weighting Game

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Weighed down by Wuhan wickedness claiming cleverness.
God’s last laugh? Bio-virus any day.
Information drip fed comprehension selected uncertainty protected.
History to be written.
Wuhan revelations screaming innocence.
Guilty parties panting; media massaging.
Wuhan suffering in their millions locked in two rooms.
Homes became prisons.
Covidness world order Covidness forever while fortunes made and made.
So clever so clever.  

Weighting for Pfizer while Covid variants mutate.
Images abounding cases ever mounting
Risks are escalating.
Shall I shant I shall I shant I said the walrus to the whatsis.
Game 1 first Set Covid 4 Astra 1.
Politicians health officlals setting changing urging testing.
Pfizer white knight to the rescue from Astra deaths and Covid too.
Lockdowns face masks multiply. Once frowned now smiled on
The good bad and ugly are doing it - good on ‘em.
Covid Astra Pfizer neck and neck to Christmas finishing line.
Which win will I bet? Death for some we must accept.  

Into the Weighting Room past safety check-in
Ten-heavy with isolation spaced deep into their web
I trod cautiously.
Teeth questioned my fascination: Have you, have you,
Been, done, when, where? Cards which, what, how?
Stumbling shamefaced with card nakedness exposed
Announcement to space with directions to join the seated orbit.
Bemused close study averted eyes intent. My partners young and old
Against Covid unrelent.

Weighing Up: Imagine crystal clear transparency.
World without secrets; objectivity prevailing; seeking understanding.
Culprits at The Hague with Humanity’s Covid crimes punished by exposure in
Stocks as olden times.
Vaccines for all. All for one protection this year, next year, sometime, ever.
Sail trimming, cloth cutting climate-wise togethership
To Gaia restoration and game-reset-new paradigm.





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  1. This is my first attempt at modern poetry. So be kind to me! Just let me know does it do anything for you? Admin.

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