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Latest Writer's Block Contributions

Aboard ‘Sir William Eyre’

By Brian Lewis

Aboard ‘Sir William Eyre’ Progress & Voyage of William Carter, England to Australia 1858   CHAPTER 1 – 11 to 19 JUNE 1858 – LEAVING OLD ENGLAND Editor’s note: This transcription has used earlier transcriptions made by William’s great-grandson Robert A. Carter and by Mabel Carter, wife of William’s grandson Thomas Carter. Both of these […]

The Last Cigarette

By Jamie W. Ryan

  “That holy dream, that holy dream, While all the world were chiding, Hath cheered me as a lovely beam A lonely spirit guiding. What though that light, thro’ storm and night, So trembled from afar – What could there be more purely bright In Truth’s day-star?” Edgar Allan Poe Excerpt from ‘A Dream’   […]

Lake Moodie and Pine Hut Creek

By Brian Lewis

Pine Hut Creek potentially flows into Lake Moodie from the eastern escarpment of the Mount Lofty Ranges due west of the Cambrai-Sedan Road. On visiting the lake site in July this year I was surprised and disappointed to see no water whatsoever in the lake. Local knowledge informed me that Lake Moodie no longer fills […]

The Mysterious Glass Block

By Angus Whitmore

Sven McDuff’s electron-microscope is an old valve model. It takes a while to warm up but Sven likes the humming sound it makes. A stranger arrives with something in a glass block for Sven to examine. There is much more to her than at first meets the eye. She doesn’t know what is in the glass block and the only way they will find out is to warm up the microscope and take a look.

Of Men and Dolphins

By Brian Lewis

  FOR GOLDSTAR and all those who aspire to the Oneness    Copyright © Brian Lewis 2018     It was 7:30 am on a perfect summer’s day at The Corner Beach on Kangaroo Island. The man in the black and blue wet suit sensed rather than saw the blue and gold sheen on the […]


By Neil Holdsworth

[Fiction based on historical facts. My ancestors received no apology nor did they receive any compensation for the treatment described here. N.H.]   County Ross, Scotland, 1845. GREAT WHITE GALLEONS SCUDDED across the sky from west of Kintyre and disappeared beyond Loch Ness. Occasional showers dampened the heather but the interrupted sunshine was enough to […]

BOOK REVIEW – “Call of the Reed Warbler” by Charles Massy

By admin

I am sympathetic to the theme of this book. After all I too wonder whatever happened to the “Limits to Growth” movement. Forty-five years ago I bought a wheat paddock in the Mallee on which there remained only a single native pine tree. I aimed to allow Nature to regenerate the mallee woodland that had […]


By admin

GALLERY IMPRESSIONS Over the years I have found that visits to Art Galleries to see world-renowned exhibitions can be fraught. But can also be uplifting! So unfortunately I have to say that a recent visit to the SA Art Gallery to see the “Colours of Impressionism” from the Musee D’Orsay in Paris fell into the […]


By Kerry Rochford

Friendships, a tangled ball of textures. Wool for the cosy ones that will warm you and cocoon in the winter moments of life. Linen for the durable ones, despite wrinkles and fading beauty they soften with age. Cotton for the simple ones, summer friendships and splashes of colour thrown in the air and landing in […]

The Dictator

By Kerry Rochford

Time you are a fickle master. Waiting, you slow down The hands on your army of clocks Move at your command, In half time. When dread for an impending Event is detected, you clap Your hands and speed up. You command and demand attention. Every day, pushing me to obey, Stealing precious hours from The […]