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MAKING BIOCHAR - with Technical Manual



South Australian on-line publisher Strong & Bold Publishing has released a new publication entitled “Making Biochar – With Technical Manual”
written by Brian Lewis.

This book is based on the experience gained from 5 years of developing and trialling 3 different styles of biochar kilns.

The book provides a good introduction to biochar basics and detailed instructions on the operation of a biochar kiln together with a chapter on the economics of making and selling biochar.

The pdf version of the book includes detailed drawings of two types of kiln.

A case study on using a kiln by a commercial winery is included. And a description of a DIY kiln is also included.

The book is available to purchase for $9.99 direct from

This book will interest all biochar enthusiasts, small landowners, horticulturalists and anyone else interested in the improvement of soils by the addition of carbon.

Strong & Bold Publishing specialises in e-publication of Australian writers, old and new.
Further enquiries may be made to:
Strong & Bold Publishing

Published August 5, 2016